Scaling After Baby

Guys, I had a baby last year.  I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever thought I would have kids #truestory.  I had just started doing CrossFit, I was seeing results, I loved it and BOOM!  Pregnant.  Of my first year of CrossFit, I did 9 months of it pregnant.  I told my coaches and they worked with me 110% to scale each workout so I could safely and effectively make it through (guys, I also let my doctor know what I was doing….he was cool with it but you should always check.  His nurse freaked out when I showed her a picture of me PR’ing my push press at 36 weeks).

I ended up having a C-Section (as if the baby wasn’t enough “adieu” to my hopes of ever having abs ever) and I lost my core.  Post-op was devastating!  For a week or two afterwards, moving was pure misery.  Horrible.  I’m not a lay still and take it kind of person.  I had it in my mind that I would be back to the gym in two weeks….killing it.  Boy, was I way wrong.  The best thing that happened to me on maternity leave was when I discovered Breaking Muscle’s C-Section Recovery.  Gentle exercises to regain that core and re-establish a workout routine.  Perhaps the most important part of the routine was just the mental part of accepting that you had a c-section; the meditations included in the C-Section Recovery series helped me TREMENDOUSLY.  To me, this was as scaled as CrossFit could possibly be for my post C-Section self.  Highly recommend!  Here’s the start of the series: Breaking Muscle C-Section Recovery. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me – both physically and mentally.

It took me about 12 months to feel back to normal…like I could attack WODs again.  I think it’s possible that you could feel normal faster but once we started daycare it seemed like every day I had a cold and I had to rest and recover from that instead of going to the gym.  I think that set me back a lot longer than I was anticipating.

Anyway, enjoy that Breaking Muscle series of articles.  It was a huge help to me.  Remember that there is no shame in scaling to where you need to be…I felt so silly just doing leg raises and I was really discouraged about how hard those leg raises were.  But that work paid off in the end and I’m finally starting to see and feel that effort.

Second CrossFit competition coming up Saturday (the first I did about 4 months after having that C-Section #killingit!)




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