They Do Exist!

I have been doing CrossFit for three years.  For the first two years, I did 3 workouts a week times about 45 weeks per year (I’m giving myself a cushion for those days I just couldn’t even); that equals out to about 270 WODs. The third year is kind of a write off for me because of a baby, surgery, and germs… But I’ll guesstimate that I made it to about 70 WODs bringing my grand total to about 340.  Of those, 340ish WODs I have RX’d 2.  Yes, 2.  I’m really proud of those 2 but I’m also proud of my scaled performances during the 338 other WODs I made it to.  People, burpees 38 weeks pregnant are no laughing matter and neither are barbell core roller exercises 6 weeks after a csection…. but I was there and I was doing what I could and, in the end, that’s all that matters.  (Side note: that whole thing about an easier labor if you exercise during pregnancy…. I call shenanigans!! But it is good to stay active so you have the energy to deal with the new human you created.)

So, my RX to WOD ratio is pretty dismal but I’m calling on the CrossFit community to recognize the beauty and importance of scaling.  So, I raise the challenge to northeast Ohio for a CrossFit affiliate to host a scaled ONLY competition.  No overshadowing by the RX and RX+ divisions.  No pull ups, double unders, or toes to bar.  No 200 pound weights, no handstand walks.  I did a really quick Google search to see if such a competition existed out in the wild and, sure enough, it does!  The affiliate has the competitors complete a skills assessment and then determines if they do indeed meet the scaled criteria.  They even mention that they will check in with your coaches if they have additional questions about your CrossFit skills.  How awesome is that thought?  Not an approach of “to compete in this competition level you must be able to do the following..” but a buck against the trend that says ” you shouldn’t be able to do the following…” A competition that highlights the level of skill that, I would dare to say, a good percentage of CrossFit athletes operate at day in and day out.

So, I have thrown down the gauntlet.  If I hear news of a scaled only competition, I will be the first in line to sign up!  Let’s promote the scalability of CrossFit and show that it’s not only for athletic, super muscular people but also for the average person.  Bring it on!








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